Intuition and deep feeling

Feel and integrate new energy

I'm Dr. Verena Diersch and I'm a writer, poet, spiritual, medial and intuitive coach,  master of what I call "embodied Reiki", a social scientist and founder of the Konnektreiki method for the stressed, the seekers and the empaths. I connect my clients to their bodies, their higher consciousness and energy.

Something is holding you back in your career or your relationships with family, friends or your partner and you can't seem to get the hang of it and wish to create new fulfilling interactions and opportunities?

I succeeded in helping Steffi to receive new answers regarding her relationships and she felt so much lighter after just one session!

You feel stressed, tired or sick and are looking for a reason, something to help you feel better and to privide you with new energy?

I was able to help Max to understand and let go of his stress issues. He found some relaxation right away!

You crave a deep connection to the energy which is in everything and everyone?

I've loved to reconnect Davina to her inner knowing that our pets enrich our lives in very suprising ways and we are able to communicate with them through our thoughts and feelings. She felt deeply touched and uncovered some themes in here life she previously hadn't paid attention to.

You want to finally feel your own energy fully and use it to lead a strong and successful life as your true self?

I am deeply humbled by the fact that I could offer Theresa new important insights regarding her life path! She said I 've given her "a very special present".

How I work and how to book

Feel your true energy and everything will change

I work with life's own energy (Reiki) to enable you to fully get back into your body. I guide you to use your body as a powerful tool to free your emotions and the emotions of other people and to change relationships and life's circumstances.

With my understanding of social science I furthermore powerfully unravel the social structures which limit you and stop you from enjoying and using your body as a powerful tool and connection to energy.

One session lasts 60 minutes and is done conveniently and mindfully via phone or Internet! Contact me via for further details and appointments.

You can also book a spot in my workshops "Inner Peace Movement" and "Inner Peace Pussies" (women only),which show you soft and exciting ways to activate the powerful life force energy within you and will be held simultaneously in German and English (or I will arrange a special course for English speakers). Both workshops will bring you in the flow of your own magical body energy, so enjoy!

A short poem for you

You are the vast spirit you have been looking for

You are the one who changes everything

You invite, delete, recharge

so that everything inside and around you will thrive

Like in a flower which is blossoming from one single seed

there is magic within you

You have been planted to bring full beauty into this world

Your worth is not burried

it is waiting for your attention

for your opening

Your wings, your petals are already unfurling

to grace you for your new life

My work is no subsitute for therapy or medical treatment.

That's me!

I connect intuition and science

My name is Dr. Verena Diersch. I'm a born empath and intuitive and strengthened and professionalized these gifts through my Reiki training and my scientific research, where I always thought outside the box.

My vision is to help people to become empowered feeling individuals by actively processing their emotions and using them as lifechanging tools is backed by my research in social science. In my Ph.D. studies I've found out that society is deeply influenced by limiting social constructs that also hinder the individual in thriving towards a happy, relaxed but also successful life. To change that, the deconstruction of limiting structures and the construction of an intuitive, creative and true self in empowering structures is key!

By providing my clients with the tools they need to deeply feel and use their body in a powerful and relaxed way and to construct healthy and happy structures I am living my life's purpose. Holding them in beautiful and soothing energy and providing them with scientific knowledge as tools for their thinking brain while they empower themselves blesses me with the experience that human beings have unlimited potential and are able to feel and live unlimited love for themselves and others every day.

©2020 by Verena Diersch.